Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Digital Birth Story

When I was pregnant and preparing for birth, I found that on days I was overwhelmed with worry the only thing to make me almost crave the experience was viewing photos/videos of other natural home birth experiences.  It showed me how positive and safe these deliveries could be and that I could do it.

Matt and I always wanted to document our birth experience, but financially were not able to go with a professional photog.  However, two days before (yes TWO) our babe was born, a photographer contacted us asking if she could shoot for us as she needed a home birth/water birth for her portfolio.  

Jennifer was amazing!  She did such a fantastic job, and I never knew she was there.  Her thank you to us for allowing her to shoot were the photos.  I shared some of them in the previous post, but this video really documents our experience the best one possibly could in five minutes.  

While there is a tiny bit of nudity in the video, it is not graphic.  There is beauty in all forms of the human body, after all.  It is important that I post this to share with others that a safe, enjoyable, and natural birth experience is possible.  This is coming from a girl that cries every time (yes, EVERY time) she gets a paper cut.  I feel it is important to open the dialogue on this issue and present the beauty of nature.

And with that, click HERE to view the birth of Jude Barrett in film...