About BBC, MBC, PJC (The Coles)!

I'm Brittany Cole, the writer of the blog. My most important muses are Matthew and Patton Cole, the former being my husband and the latter is our pup.

We were married 5.23.10 and currently live in Sembach, Germany.  Fortunately we love to travel, and are sure to have our fill because we are a military family :) 

I enjoy discovering delicious new vegan cuisine, lightly scented soy candles, educational vacations, a nice cup of tea, and learning about life with my soul mate.

Matthew loves sports, traveling, accommodating my ever growing fascination with food, learning about personal health and current events, and his job.

Patton enjoys tennis balls, sniffing bums, sweet potatoes and bananas (any veggies and fruit, really), long walks, and traveling with his parents.

We're the most unconventional conventional family you'll ever meet, and we like it like that.

Prost, to good friends, traveling the world, and discovering yourself!