Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Marrakech on the Mind

This past weekend we ate dinner at Cous Cous once more. Yummm! And that started it...

It's then I started daydreaming. In case you didn't know, I graduated with a degree in Political Science, with a concentration in Middle Eastern Studies. So many of my college classes consisted of Arabic and all kinds of goodies on the Middle East.

Well after my Moroccan-style cous cous I couldn't stop thinking of picking up my own tagine in a market in Marrakech or Fez.

So I started researching. Looks like we can get a round trip ticket from Frankfurt to Marrakech for around $200 via RyanAir. Not to mention that you can stay at a modest riad (hotel type place) for about $40 a night.

And now I'm hooked. If I don't make it to Marrakech in the next couple of years, well, then I'll just keep dreaming!

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