Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Williamsburg Winery

So last Saturday we spent the day in Williamsburg with some of Matt's school friends. We went to the Williamsburg Winery and tasted what they had to offer...and then some.

Later we scoured the countryside for horseback riding, but were not fruitful. Get it, wine, grapes, fruit? OK, I need to get more creative.

We then watched Auburn play, as Matthew nearly had a heart attack several times as our Tigers kept us guessing whether we'd pull out with a victory. Thankfully, they won. Probably because of Matt's screams. He always points out winning plays to the coaches that they otherwise would have missed. They really appreciate his input.

Sunday I spent the day at yoga. Last week I joined the local gym and I'm only a little obsessed. They have a pool and a million classes to take!!! Loooooove.

I've also been crazy busy this week. Since Thursday I've been volunteering at Army Community Service (ACS) every day. It's weird because I haven't worked in a few months. But it is fun, and I feel like I'm doing something productive. Fun times :)

As for the rest of the week, well, we have Garrison Organization Day on Thursday and I have spent ALL evening making goodies. One strawberry cake, a dozen strawberry cupcakes and 3 dozen sweet potato cupcakes. YUMMM!!!

Well I'm exhausted. Plus, I've got to get ready for Dancing with the Stars and Glee!!!

Good Evening All!

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