Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nothing says "Summer" like fresh cherries!

We are blessed to have a beautiful cherry and apple tree in our back yard.  The cherries have finally become juice and dark red - perfect for picking!

So last night, I climbed on Matt's shoulders and started picking.  I really wish we had evidence of this, as I was wobbling about and dropping cherries all over Matt's head.

And as any country girl would do, I googled how to pit a cherry :)  About ten minutes in Matt gave up, but I continued until we had a bowl full of beautiful cherries.  I plan to make a cobbler tonight or tomorrow.

These cherries are phenomenal.  So much sweeter than the ones you buy in the store.  They taste like candy!  And Patton's been enjoying them, as well.  We've been finding, um, proof, in the yard.

I'll keep you updated on the dessert we make with these delights.  Last night was a memory I shall not soon forget!

I wasn't aware the pitting cherries made one appear to be a murderer.  My hands are still a little red.  No wonder people have been avoiding me...I feel like Lady Macbeth!

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