Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Backyard Cherry Cobbler and Brinner

I promised we were going to make a dessert with our cherries, and we did!  Behold, our "Backyard Cherry Cobbler".  It's basically a standard cherry cobbler as seen in this recipe, but we used veggie margarine and soy milk as alternatives.  De-LISH!

I'd pick fruit desserts over chocolate ANY day!  Matt...not so much.

We also have something we do once a fortnight or so called brinner.  Yes, that's right brinner.  It's breakfast for dinner!  Matt is the most amazing breakfast cook ever!  Whether it's pancakes or waffles, he knows how to do it right.  And he's such a sweetie because he automatically takes the initiative to make everything vegan. Awwww.  

Brinner was last night, but we had some pancake batter left over so Matt finished it off with a side of veggie bacon :)

Not perfect only because he attempted "one big cake".  He'll get it next time!

And today is my daddy's birthday!!!  Enjoy a virtual piece of the cobbler, dad.  See you soon!

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