Monday, August 15, 2011

Playing Parents

This weekend Matt and I had three kids over for a sleepover. Brett (12), Brady (7) and Maddie (6) are the children of a lady I'm about to start working with.

We went on a walk, watched movies, and went through THREE boxes of chick'n nuggets. All soy, by the way! They had no clue ;)

Now, I'm watching a precious 3 month-old by the name of Jeremy. He is precious! I keep playing with his hair because it is so soft.

Jeremy will be with us all week, but I'm not sure Patton got the memo, because he will rarely leave his side. So cute!

Such a sweet pea!

I must say, this whole play parenting thing is a wee bit challenging, but so much fun!

Now, countdown to Friday - we are headed to Spain!!!

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