Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Pup's Officially a Vegan!

For the past few months, Matt and I have been trying to track down some reasonably priced organic vegan dog food. The task proved a lot harder than we anticipated. But we found it! And it just came in yesterday :)

It only cost a couple of dollars more than what we were feeding him, and there is free shipping! It only took a week for the food to get here. How awesome is that!?

It's called V-Dog, and I actually found it via PETA's website.

In addition to the food change, I've switched Patton from his daily Fish Oil to Flax Seed Oil.

He loves it! He always thinks vitamins are candy, anyways.

As always, Pup adores his veggies. He'd do anything for a sweet potato, red bell pepper or banana. We are so lucky to have such an accommodating and healthy pup!
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