Monday, April 8, 2013

20 Weeks

A couple of weeks have passed, and so much has happened!  Sorry I'm just now sharing it all with you :/

At 18 weeks I started to begin to feel little flutters.  I was pretty sure they were baby, but waited to confirm until I felt them for real.  Then, at 19 weeks, I felt a lot of little kicks one morning!  It was amazing!  It is the most sensational feeling I've ever experienced and I still jump every time I feel one.  I'm so proud of my active little Nugget.  

And with that, here are some updates from 20 weeks...

How far along?  20 weeks - 1/2 way there!
Maternity clothes?  Oh yeah.  There are only a few wintery pieces I have that fit, so let's hope (for more reasons than that!) that Spring is on its way.
Stretch marks?  A few - no biggy.  
Sleeping?  Last night I slept great, and I feel that I'm getting used to the hip pains and learning to roll with them.  I have a much better sleep schedule than I did a couple of weeks ago.
Cravings?  Black eyed peas and collard greens!!  Also pickles, miso soup, tomato juice, Peach Mangosteen Snapple, Lucky Charms, and pineapple.  Matt and I also just bought some slicked tofurky that is pretty phenomenal.  I love making sandwiches with it!
Aversions?  TUNA.  Always tuna.  Anything that once had a life being eaten.  Usually I can deal with people eating meat in front of me without even thinking about it, but now it's getting difficult. Also, Matt's cologne and deodorant.
Other symptoms?   Let's just say pregnancy is not all sunshine and rainbows!  One symptom in particular has been overeating, then hating myself for it.  I am SO hungry ALL the time, and there have been a few times when I ate too much and couldn't sleep.  Digestion is a bit different whilst one is growing a human.  I've been able to remedy this with small frequent meals, and not eating after 1900.  This may leave me ravenous in the morning (or I may grab a snack around 0300), but at least I'm not uncomfortable in the night.
Best moment of the week?  Starting to feel frequent kicks and movements!  Nugget is a busy bee in there at times, and when s/he is low, I can feel the kicks really well, though it gets pretty uncomfortable when s/he sits there a while.  Sometimes, I can even feel the pick kicks from the outside!  Before too long, daddy will be able to experience them with me :)  We also got to see little boo on Tuesday, and that always makes us grin.  Everything looked fantastic, but Nugget was in a weird position so we weren't able to tell if s/he is a girl or boy.  Our next appointment in April 30th, and we hope to have a better look then :)

Baby's the size of a banana!  Mama's growing to the size of a farm animal!

Until next time,

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