Friday, July 30, 2010

Cole Confections!

Well hello there! So much has gone on this week! Monday I got into a baking fix, and decided to make a TON of strawberry cupcakes. Matt refused to eat them all (LOSER!) so we took them to the Army Community Services (ACS) office at Ft. Lee. Along with some chocolate covered strawberries I happened to whip together.

Then my wonderful mother-in-law called and had a brilliant idea! She suggested I start distributing these "donations" with business cards, and maybe someone will call me wanting some treats. I texted my dear Sarah on a name (since she is a genius for these thigns), and that's how Cole Confections was born!

AND I made my first sale yesterday to a wonderful lady in the leasing office - 2 dozen chocolate covered strawberries! YIPPIE!!

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That is all for now :) Hopefully the weekend has some great things in store!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

So will it be Cole Confections or Peace, Love, Sweets? I am dying to know! xoxo