Friday, August 6, 2010

Weird Science

So we went out to Richmond the other day and we hit up the Science Museum of Virginia! We channeled our childhood and played with all of the interactive displays, and watched an IMAX film on the ocean :)

For lunch we visited the restaurant Matt has wanted to eat at since we moved here - The Black Sheep. For those of you who have no clue what we're talking about, there is a show on The Travel Channel called "Man vs. Food", and this guy named Adam Richmond visits all of these amazing restaurants in the country. In Richmond he ate at The Black Sheep and had a U.S.S. Brooklyn, which is a jerk chicken "battleship" (not sub!) with peach chutney and banana ketchup. I tried the ketchup as well as the chutney and it is AMAZING!!

We finally broke down and stopped by and Matt devoured his sandwhich. I munched on a Fire and Ice salad - a salad with local greens, tomatoes, cheese and a jalapeno vinigarette. YUMSVILLE!

What an awesome day we had :)

(and much thanks to suzy baker for instructing me on adding pictures!! ha)

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Sarah said...

Way to go, Brittany. Pole dancing in front of small children.