Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Here's to Sarah and Daron!

So we're about to head to LAS VEGAS for Sarah and Daron's wedding!!! Much fun will be had, and hopefully we come back with more money than we left with. Doubtful, however, due to Matt's lack of blackjack skills (sorry babe, but you aren't exactly skilled).

Thursday night we are going to see "Love" by Circ de Soleil, and I absolutely CANNOT wait!!!! I've been wanting to see this show for at least five years. Last time we saw "O", and it was great. But "Love" is what I've been dying to see...

Saturday night is the Rehearsal Dinner. But the BIG DAY is SUNDAY!!! WOOHOO!!! Sarah will officially be a Flory!!! My best friends have been together since I've met them, but it is truly an awesome thing to see them become family, legally.

Sarah and Daron are two of the best people I know. For those of you that don't know, Daron has been Matt's best friend since high school. It wasn't until I started dating Matt that I met the two lovebirds. The first night I met Daron we had a "talk" and our friendship developed from there.

And with Sarah, it's like we just clicked! I've never met such a genuine, happy, fun spirited, uplifting person in my life. Though I haven't known her as long as Matt's known Daron, I truly don't know what I would do without my Twink. She and Daron are more than best friends to Matt and me, they're the brother and sister we never had.

Sarah and Daron:

We couldn't be happier to share this day with you two. You both have been placed in our lives for a reason. Daron, thank you for always giving it to me straight, even when I want the truth sugar coated. You have a way of telling people what's on your mind, with reason. And you've helped me grow as a person. I respect you for the person you are, and the work you do. I could never ask for a better "brother".

Ans Sarah, where do I start?!?! Thank you for always being there to talk. Thanks for calming me down when I freak out about life and people that like to make it difficult. You always seem to lighten my spirits when I'm being a sourpuss, and never fail to make me smile (and laugh hysterically!!!!!). You are the most beautiful person I've ever met, inside and out, and I am truly grateful to have you in my life.

Matt and I can't wait to our many future vacations (GREECE!!! and god knows what else), raising our kids together (and buying the boys matching baby bjorns!), our houses side by side in our older years, and laughing and crying together for years to come. We love you two!

Matt and Brittany

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