Thursday, November 18, 2010

S & D Wed

So we witnessed the marriage of Sarah and Daron. What an amazing weekend we had in the process!

We saw "Love", The Beatles themed Circ du Soliel, tried our hand at roulette, and dined at a Moroccan eatery. All of this was done in the company of our greatest friends. And at the end of the trip, we got to celebrate the wedding of our best friends. What more could you ask for?

Though I had fun, I must admit, the past weekend was very hard for me. I've not really thought of the consequences of our moving to Germany. My minds' been set on the gl├╝wine, Christkindlemarkt and our holiday in Amsterdam. But it hit me in Vegas. Hard. And I couldn't explain why I was so sad. And though I had a blast with the best folks I know, the thought of leaving them couldn't pass.

Don't get me wrong, Germany's going to be amazing. We're going to experience things we never thought we would. Matt and I are going to have to depend on one another more than ever. And if anything, this move is going to prove how much our friends mean to us.

Love and Peace,
Matt and Britt

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