Saturday, November 20, 2010

Missing the 80's

Does anyone miss the 80's as much as I do? Granted, I only experienced 3 years of this decade, but still. I've spent the last couple of hours watching intros to "Who's the Boss", "Empty Nest", "Night Court" and "Alf", among many others. It seems that with every theme song I think of someone.

Every once and a while I'll bring up one of these shows to Matt, and it seems he only remembers "Alf" and "Night Court". What about "Rainbow Bright" or "Care Bears" or even "Fraggle Rock"???

I don't really know why I'm so caught up on this at the present moment. But one thing's for sure. My children will NOT be influenced by the Jonas Brothers or Hannah Montana. No sir, they will surely prefer the Care Bear Stare!!!

For your viewing pleasure:

For you haters, THERE ARE SUCH THINGS AS SNORKS!!! They are underwater smurfs, DUH! ->

Rainbow Bright ->

My Little Pony ->

Care Bears (pretty trippy now that I'm older) ->

Alf ->

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