Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day BBQ

Well, we actually celebrated a day early. But still, we had a delicious BBQ!

Matt loves to grill! Here he's tending to veggie kabobs and corn.

Of course, Patton and I had to help. So we took refuge under our blooming apple tree as I sipped a Guinness and Pup looked adorable.

The end result - yummy vegan burgers, veggie kabobs and corn. Yum! Who says vegans can't have an outstanding cookout? Delicious, healthy, and cruelty free!

But Memorial Day isn't all about food, though often times we confuse it for a weekend to party. The day is about all American soldiers who have served, and sometimes lost their lives, fighting for what makes our country so spectacular.

This Memorial Day I'm thinking of my grandfathers who were in the Navy and Air Force, as well as my husband who is one of the Army's best. And, thank you, to all of our friends and family who have served.

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