Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fantasy Football for Real Life

Matt and I (along with a few of our friends - shout out to Daron, Thomas and that other guy that flies helicopters) are currently participating in our fantasy football draft.

This is my second year doing this, and my strategy has changed. Before I picked only guys I knew via celebrity scandals, reality tv and the occasional sports center propaganda that was unknowingly absorbed.

However this year, this year I have a plan, muaaaaahahahah! I scouted out my favorite players this afternoon, checking their stats from last year and what different folks have been saying about their performances in preseason games.

But it doesn't always go as planned....

See, you would think your friends would read your mind. They know the players you "scouted", think are cute in those tight football britches, etc. But this just isn't the case. And curse you Daron Flory for stealing a couple of my players!!

And I must say, though I am a pretty serious Auburn football fan (WDE!), but this NFL business gets to be a little repetitive to me. So, to appease the husband, I pretend to be interested. Until I discovered Fantasy Football, which has made it a game, if you will, to watch a game.

I now have teams to cheer for, as well as individual players based on ability instead of celebrity status and shape (thank YOU, Tom Brady).

And because of Fantasy Football, I may now look forward to this fall and the sports filled Sundays, Mondays and holidays that it brings.

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