Friday, August 13, 2010

Matt Starts School

This week Matt started school at the Army Logistics University on Fort Lee. So far he has just been inprocessing, getting settled and experiencing, as he calls it, "death by powerpoint". He is presently at his first PT (or Physical Training) test, and thusly is not happy that I've been feeding him cake all week :) Oopsy!

As for me, well, I must admit I have quite enjoyed being a housewife this past week. I've never cleaned so much in my life. My parents would be so proud! I was always a messy kid, but I can say that I have swept and mopped twice this week, as well as cleaned every single room in this 2 bedroom apartment at least once. And you should see this immaculate kitchen!

Monday was my cake class and I brought home a layered yellow cake with apricot filling and buttercream icing. Yummy!

And in just a couple of hours I am headed to Fort Lee for Operation Homefront. We will be stuffing bookbags with donated school supplies for children on post. They will be starting school next week! I am so excited!!

This weekend I think we will be heading to Virginia Beach. It's only a couple of hours away and, best of all, FREE!!

But to kick start this weekend, Matt and I have a dinner date at Feathernesters, a tea house in Richmond. They have Supper Club on Friday nights and it looks like we will be in attendance for a fresh meal the chef has composed from yummies at the 17th Street Farmer's Market!

Patton has been begging me to say hello to you all. He is being a cute little snuggle buggle with his head in my lap. I love this little poochy!

We shall blog soon! Love from the Coles!

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Bakersg said...

the supper club at Feathernesters sounds super fun / yummy!!! hope you guys have fun!!