Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our Wonderous Weekend!

We had the most fabulous weekend! Friday night we went to Feathernesters, which is a tea house on the north side of Richmond. Matt really had no idea where we were going, and when I informed him we would be eating dinner at a tea house he moderately freaked. He pictured old ladies in red hats sipping teas with their pinkies high.

Lucky for him, the only tea we had was sweet, and iced :) But we did enjoy a fresh meal prepared by an awesome chef with goodies he picked up at the farmers market right next door. Twas splendid!

Saturday we toured the Short Pump Town Center and ate lunch at Tara Thai. Again, a first for Matthew. He never had Thai food before and daringly decided to pick the two chili dish. I've never seen his face so red and his eyes so watery. Poor guy! But it was delish!

Saturday night we headed out to watch the Richmond Flying Squirrels take on the Portland SeaDogs. It is the Flying Squirrels inaugural season, and while I never thought I'd meet a team with a name more embarrassing than the Biscuits, we may have. In their defense, the mascot is adorable, and they have signs everywhere that say "Go Nuts!" which is absolutely hysterical! And one of the outfielders has a cannon for an arm. That was exciting to watch.

Though I have been watching baseball for years, it seems every season I must be re-taught all the rules. So the entire game Matt was explaining exactly what was going on. When he left to grab some peanuts it was evidently a close game. When he returned, expecting a recap, I had no idea who was winning! Oopsy!

Still, it was fun. And another nice Richmondy weekend!

Loves! Britt and Matt

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Sarah said...

I love the squirrel references at the game. Y'all are precious! xoxo miss you