Monday, August 23, 2010

Haus en Deutschland

Forgive my German. I'm pretty positive that the title of this entry is completely wrong in so many different ways.

That being said, we have spent the evening looking at homes in Germany! So far we are partial on a 4BR 2 bath home with a large "sunny garden" (as they called it) for Patton.

This all started because Matt came home after an overseas briefing today that informed him we will be moving to Germany about 2 weeks sooner than we thought. So when Matt is supposed to report December 30th, that means he starts work that day. Which means we will be moving mid-December.

Just wanted to update everyone on our plans. Hope you all had a fantastic Monday!

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Bakersg said...

I've heard that Christmas in Germany is pretty extraordinary (silver lining?) - looking foward to you posting pics of your potential abode in Deutschland!! :)