Monday, October 4, 2010


This weekend Matthew, Patton and myself spent our time with our friend Sam camping in the famous Shenandoah National Park.

Within minutes of entering the park we ran across at least twenty baby raccoons with their mommies! It was the most precious site, and we knew we had picked the right place.

However, when we got to our site to set up camp, it was many degrees cooler than it was in Richmond. The wind was howling, and setting up a fire was nearly impossible. I had layered myself in a t-shirt, long sleeve and sweatshirt, but that wasn't cutting it. Thank goodness I didn't bring only shorts and t-shirts like Sam!

The next morning we headed out for a hike. We saw waterfalls and got quite the workout. As a matter of fact, Patton smoked me in endurance and performance. I struggled.

After the hike, we went to where any thirsty hiker would go. A winery! Not just any winery, but Barboursville Winery. They are the only winery owned by their owners that is not in Italy. Did that make sense?

On the way to the winery we saw a baby black bear!!! This was the highlight of my trip. I just wanted to get out and hug it!! Patton thought it may want to play, but that just scared it away :(

We then came home for a nice dinner of hot dogs and s'mores. Patton was a great watch dog, almost to a fault, as he barked at everything that moved after sunset.

Sunday morning we woke early and left, and got home before noon. What an amazing weekend in nature!

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