Saturday, December 11, 2010

Our first few days in our new town!

It has been fun, so far. We've gotten our new phones (iPhones, FINALLY!), started in processing, set up an appointment to take our driver's test, etc.

We headed down to Kaiserslautern last night, walked downtown and ate dinner at Spinnrädl, an authentic German restaurant. Matt ordered a turkey salad with spinnrädl dressing (it is like a mixture of ceasar and ranch), and I got a "farmer's salad" with oil and vinegar dressing. It was so delicious! I found it odd, though, that they put fried potatoes on top of the salad. The tomato soup that came before the salad was A-MAZ-ING!!!

Afterwords we strolled the Christmas Market and Matt got a nutella filled crepe!! I only had a bite (okay, three) and it was scrumptious! Absolutely the best combination of food I could imagine, besides peanut butter and chocolate :)

We also had glühwein, which is like a mixture of hot wine and cider. So yummy!

Oh, I almost forgot. It's been snowing here like crazy. Though some of it has melted, it's pretty slushy. Ew.

Matt and I trekked through it all to get to the commissary yesterday. We had a nice little stroll through Vogelweh. I quite enjoyed it...that is, until we had to carry the groceries back.

Well, that is about it for us. I guess we better get back to house hunting and studying for the driver's me.

See ya later,
Britt and Matt

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