Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sembach and Such

Yesterday Matt and I set out to Sembach so that G could get some new, more snow friendly, tires. Sembach is the name of the village we are moving to in just a week. It's to the east of Kaiserslautern, on the way to Frankfurt. It's out in the country, with quite a few farms. We found the perfect house for us in the middle of it.

So while G was getting spruced up, we head out to discover our new neighborhood. It's so quaint and quiet, no hustle or bustle. And we found a cafe and restaurant just 10 minute walk from the house!

Here are some pictures that I took. The house was being cleaned up and painted, so even though I took some pictures of the inside, it didn't do it any justice. So you'll just have to wait until we move in :)


1 comment:

Sarah said...

so exciting that you can walk to a restaurant! Can't wait to see more pics. xoxo