Friday, December 17, 2010

We can drive!

So Tuesday Matt and I took our driving test. The night before we reviewed the book and what not, and Matt was just sure we were fine. So I said, what they hay, I guess we are.

And he was half right. That is, he passed the test on Tuesday. I laughed it off, and signed up to take the test Friday AM (this morning). I haven't studied this hard since Senior finals.

I bought note cards, read the entire manual - twice, wrote and rewrote notes. I studied at least five hours a day Tuesday through Thursday.

And then this morning. I woke up, after barely sleeping (oh memories of college), and hit the books one last time. After receiving 6 inches of snow, we weren't sure if the Autobahn was even open, or if the roads were clear. But we headed out to Daenner to try our darndest.

Waiting to take the test was torture. I writhed in anxiety, and almost got sick. I. Loathe. Tests.

Within a half hour I was done with the test. Our teacher messed with me and shook his head in disappointment, then said, "Mrs. Cole, you made a 99!" He said that's the highest he's graded :)

Lesson learned. Just because Matt studies the night before and passes, doesn't mean I can do the same thing. Plus, now I can rub it in his face that I scored higher ;)


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