Thursday, December 9, 2010

Willkommen in Deutschland!

We arrived in Frankfurt on Wednesday, December 8th at 7:10 am local time. Greeted with Lebkuchen treats and friendly smiles and welcomes, we made our way to what I like to call the "military compound of Frankfurt" inside the airport.

Well, ya know. Let me share the email I sent to the fam:


We have made it to Deutschland! Matt and I have been up for 35 + hours at this point, and it's surprising how well we are functioning. That being said, please understand my grammar/punctuation/spelling/sense in general may not register to well rested humans. So forgive me.

Let's see, so we left Dulles at 1721, 7 December (was that yesterday? or two days ago???) and arrived in Frankfurt at 0710, 8 December. Matt has me writing/speaking like this now.

And it's really weird because it feels like we've been up for two whole days. I mean, heck, I guess we have. This is the weirdest experience ever...and I'm not even tired yet!

Anyways, we arrived in Frankfurt, picked up Patton (who was scared to death) and headed to the army facility they have in the airport. And, of course, Patton thought it would be entertaining to relieve himself immediately upon exiting his crate. I mean, I can't blame him. He was holding it for quite some time. But I don't know why he had to make sure he soaked my leg...yes. Disgusting.

We then proceeded to the buses which shipped us to Kaiserlautern and there our sponsor picked us up and showed us around a bit, before taking us to his house to drop off Patton (he's keeping him there so we don't have to kennel him). As soon as I left his car I, not used to this so called "snow" and "slush" proceeded to bust my backside in his driveway. I'm the only one who found it hysterical, which made for an awkward moment.

Then we stopped at a local Germany eatery, "Subway", and now we're chilling in our room trying not to fall asleep too early. And that's about it.

We'll I guess that's it for me. There's a little piece of Lebkuchen calling my name :)

Britt and Matt

That pretty much explains it. Busting my ass in front of Matt's boss has not been the highlight of our arrival, I must say. It would probably be that it snowed six inches last night :) Quite an improvement to the "let's shut down school, there are flurries" days in Alabama.

I shall talk to you all, soon, my pretties!!!
Britt and Matt

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