Friday, November 30, 2012

Morocco, Day One

I'm so sad Matt missed out on our trip Fes, but I must say, I had a great time!

My second year at Auburn, I enrolled in a course called "Islam and Politics".  We studied Arab nations extensively, and I just fell in love with the subject matter.  It was then I decided to travel the Middle East and North Africa.  

Israel was beautiful, and it is still so dear to my heart, but it is not the same as diving in to an Islamic country.   

But when I woke in the morning to the day's first call to prayer, I felt I finally made it.  

Arab culture is so warm, welcoming, and hospitable, and my small taste of Fes immediately made we want to plan a trip to Turkey (and countries influenced by Islam) as soon as possible.

But you don't care about that...let's get to photos!

 Spices galore!
 Am I in heaven?  Oh, no?  A date and nut stand you say?  SOLD.
 Making my first pot of mint tea.
 Just one of many beautiful tea sets.
 Chopping up peppers.
 Holding cous cous and veggies :)
The group.

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