Monday, November 19, 2012


While our husbands were away, Lindsey and I decided to take a trip.  Just so happens we thought Sweden would be the perfect place.  I've heard the most amazing things about Stockholm, and Scandinavia has been on my list for years.  

There are so many things I love about Stockholm - the architecture, history, and royal family.  And stepping into Sweden is like moving at least 15 years forward.  Everything is beautiful, high quality, and posh, and people are nice; you don't have to worry about getting mugged at say, gun point.  

The people are gorgeous - men and women.  They are fit, tall, and dress smart.  They are kind, happy, and, did I say gorgeous!??!  What I am describing here is heaven.  

My tie for favorite country ties with Israel, and Stockholm rivals any city I've visited.  Just beautiful, even when it's cold.

Oh, and the Swedish greeting is "Hey!"  Perfect.

 First street I deemed photo worthy
 Even though it rained all weekend, it was beautiful
 Me in front of the Royal Palace.  Can't wait to take this photo in front of many more palaces!!  See you in December, Buckingham ;)
 One of the main shopping streets in Stockholm
 We happened to wander upon the Stockholm Film Festival.  Lots of people and paparazzi!  No idea which films/stars were there...haha
 View from bridge to Gamla Stan (Old Town)
 Cheese again!
Lindsey and I woke up at 6:30 the last morning we were there to take photos with no one around.  I must say, this is genius, and I'm doing in every city, from now on.

Matt and I were supposed to head to Fes (Fez), Morocco on Thursday, but it seems he will have to work.  Looks like I'm still headed there.  I sure wish he would be there with me.  I'll make sure I bring back plenty of goodies for him :)

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