Monday, November 19, 2012


Sorry!!  The last few months have been busy with school and what not.  Besides, I tried to sit down and update everyone a couple of months ago and couldn't remember my password.

Today I was hit with a momentary stroke of genius, quickly found the computer, and Eureka!  I'm in :)

We last left off at Israel, which was amazing.  Sadly, both Palestine and Israel are experiencing violence and hardship that none of us can imagine.  I hate to see a country that I love so dearly be torn apart and ripped with violence.

We should all remember just how lucky we are.  

Shortly after Israel, Matt and I met up with Sarah and Daron in Venice and cruised through the Greek Islands.  Talk about heaven.  All of the islands were beautiful, but Santorini was my favorite.  Here are some photos:

 Tasting at the Gaia Winery, within meters of the Aegean Sea
 The beautiful Aegean...paradise
 Matt & me down from Gaia for a photo op
 Checking out the grapes inside skillfully woven baskets...genius!
 Matt & me at the Domaine Sigalas Winery...we felt like rock stars
 Most delicious dish I've ever had!  Eggplant with tomato chutney of sort.  No success yet in duplicating :(
We just happened to be visiting on the day of the harvest.  They put everyone to work!

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