Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ciao, Bella!

So here are some pictures from our trip to Venice with the lovely Zima family. It is impossible for me to post all of the pictures, so I picked some faves. I have a feeling there will be more posts dedicated to these photos. Enjoy!
Brett and me in Murano
Matt and me (and my grandmother's ring) at St. Mark's Basilica
A view of San Marco from the tower
Shawn and Matt being boys
Matt and me
Brett and Shawn on the gondola
The Coles kissing under the Bridge of Sighs
Matt on the gondola
Matt's wife on the gondola


sarah said...

Your hands are so small that they scare me!!!!

Das Coles said...

you know what they say about people with small hands....because i don't

Bakersg said...

okay, the picture of Matt on the gondola should be in a magazine!! Love you guys - looks like you're having a great time in Europe!!

sarah said...

Carneys you know, people with small hands. That's all I remember. From Austin Powers.