Friday, March 11, 2011

Fiending for Philly

Maybe fiending is too strong of an adjective, but I am pretty stoked about our upcoming visit back to the motherland.

Matt and I are headed to Philadelphia in May because he is attending a class for a couple of weeks at the University of Pennsylvania, and I, well - I just want to tag along.

I've never been to the City of Brotherly Love before, but I've always wanted to. Being a history buff, historical landmarks such as Independence Hall and Betsy Ross' Home take precedence over spas or even, dare I say it, shopping excursions. Though when combined, they make the perfect holiday :)

There are many reasons I'm excited about this trip. I get to see Sarah!!! And then, I get to see Tressa! My two bffs in one glorious trip!! Sarah is flying up to Philly and she and I are taking the train to NYC to see Tressa and to get lost in the madness that is, The Big Apple. It's been six years since I've been to New York City, and I miss it so! And months since I've been with my greatest girlfriends. In my head I imagine the trip as a Sex in the City musical montage. Which means (cue gasp)...I need to go shopping!!

I call Charlotte.  You girls let me know who you want to be and I'll refer to you by that name whilst we're in the City together :)

And did I say shopping? Yes, I'm excited about that. Not only robbing China Town of all its knock off "Prados", but quite honestly, enjoying my favorite store, Target, for two entire weeks. Heaven. I feel like I can't find affordable frocks without you!!!

As I approach my soapbox, let me just tell you that I just googled 43 VEGAN restaurants in Philadelphia ALONE!! Matt and I shall eat at a new one every evening :) He's such a doll. So supportive of the healthy trash I put before him. Our first stop, on his behalf, will be Blackbird Pizzeria.

Not only is it the name of one of our favorite Beatles songs (coincidink), but it is also Philly's first vegan pizzeria. Matt LOVES pizza, he's always begging me to make one or buy a frozen one. But I don't eat cheese, so, conundrum! This shall take care of that.

What else? Oh yes. I'll be able to communicate with people in my native tongue, wherever I wanna! Unless, of course, I take a wrong turn and head right over the Ben Franklin bridge into Camden, New Jersey. That city, heck, that state, has never been on my "to do" list. I'll steer clear.

If we have time maybe we'll hit up Amish country or stalk Jon and Kate Gosselin.  I'd prefer the latter.  Either way, we shall have a good time.  That is all for now!

Happy Friday!

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sarah said...

I am so so so so so incredibly excited!!!!!!!!!