Monday, April 11, 2011

Do you believe in Superman?

This weekend was awesome! Matt came back home (yessss!) and we spent the entire weekend with the Zimas. Friday night we had sloppy joes and played bananagrams (shout out to the Florys!) and Scattagories.

Saturday we went on a fun hike through the Palatinate Forest, and Patton was able to join. Gosh, I love hiking, but I am SO out of shape. It really gave us the itch to go camping, so I'm sure we'll be doing that soon. Is there anything more grounding than nature???

And Sunday we went golfing! Our first time on this continent - twas fun. Then we ate dinner at a super exclusive restaurant, Chili's. We didn't even have to call in reservations!

On top of a fun filled weekend with our friends, we also watched a phenomenal documentary called "Waiting for Superman". I picked it up a couple weeks ago and (anxiously) waited to watch it with the hubby.

It is about the United States' education system and is quite riveting. I have always been a firm, nay, staunch, supporter of all unions. Going into this I had my own opinions, but decided to keep an open mind. This film is not based on dismantling teacher's unions, but it addresses issues with them, for sure. 

We did not find it politically bias in any way, and I urge everyone to watch it, even if they don't have children.  Just watch :)



Bakersg said...

glad to hear your review of that documentary - it's been on my "must watch" list for a while now! Will need to watch ASAP!!

sarah said...

AHHHH bananagrams!!