Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Earth Week!

Finally, one of my favorite weeks of the year - EARTH WEEK! Every week is earth week in the Cole household, but I enjoy seeing it discussed on every media outlet, talked about in schools, etc.

And Friday is Earth Day, so we will surely be having a fun time with that.

In the past, Matt and I have celebrated by nixing electricity for an evening, spending extra time in nature, and visiting our favorite farmer's market at the Heritage Ag Fields in Auburn (we miss you!!).

But like I said earlier, we don't subject just one week to celebrating our earth. We recycle (and are happy to announce that it is German law - WAKE UP AMERICA!), compost, follow a vegan lifestyle, and don't use electricity during the day (unless computer work must be done).

Matt knew what he was getting into when he met a hemp sandal wearing "granola" in 2008, and he has been so supportive of my involvement in the movement since that day (though he hates those shoes). I set up a recycling center with instructions at his apartment, he slowly transitioned into "veganish", he has made frequent solo ventures to the farmer's market, and he does most of the composting at our house :)

It doesn't take mounting solar panels on your rooftop to be green (though most of our neighbors have them and it makes me smile). It can start with switching all of your bulbs to CFLs, or writing/calling your local congressperson about how important it is they consider the environment in heir decision-making (if I had a dollar for every call I made, we would have solar panels). Even eliminating one meat based meal from your diet a week will save energy (not to mention, extend compassion).

Want to do something good for yourself AND the environment? Become a vegan. It will change your life and send a message to factory farmers that we don't need their wasteful and cruel products.

But I digress...

This is all about our ONE planet and our children, and their children. May they see this world cleaner and more fruitful than we do.

If you are interested in any films on the subject matter, check out the list below. None of them are bias or offensive, and make great sense.

Food, Inc.
Kilowatt Hours
Who Killed The Electric Car?

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