Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day, I decided to share a fee of my favorite eco-friendly products.

First, one of Matt's least favorite things in my closet, Simple shoes.

These shoes are made out of recycled tires! How cool is that?! They are super comfortable and perfect for a lazy Saturday. Next on my list of sustainable shoes, TOMS vegan variety made with organic cotton :)

Anything Seventh Generation.

Every cleaning product in our house is Seventh Generation. We love it! It cleans just like those harmful conventional cleaners, but are non-toxic, use plant derived ingredients, and the packaging is made from 90% PC (post costumer) recycled waste. Not to mention, they have aromatherapy type qualities with scents like lavender, but they also come in fragrance free, as well.

Another kitchen product I adore is my Veggie Wash.

Sadly, there is no Whole Foods here, so sometimes we can't find certain produce we like in organic form. That's when we use this all natural veggie wash. It uses citrus to clean off waxes and pesticides, and smells terrific. Plus, you aren't ingesting anything harmful from the wash.

Then we have organic goodies.

USDA certified organic goods are free of toxic pesticides, as well as hormones and antibiotics (which is in every meat product that is not USDA certified). I'll try to stay off my soap box, but I stress that it is very very important that you buy certified organic goods whenever possible. Not only for your short and long-term health, but for the earth, as well as the livelihood of the farmers and manufacturers that produce these goods for us. They obviously have high standards and morals, so I want our money to go to them. Also, every time you purchase an item, it casts a vote. We should demand high quality, toxin-free produce and goods. So vote organic!

Ah, and one of my favorites, soy candles.

We burn candles nightly. It cuts electricity costs, and creates a nice ambiance. You will only find soy candles in the Cole house. They are much better for the environment, and often last longer.

Last, but not least, our compost pile. Just kidding, it's kind of gross. But I do have one more for ya...

BOOKS! You may be thinking, those are made of paper, hence, cut down trees. And you'd be correct. However, you can reduce your carbon footprint by recycling books, like buying them from used bookstores or on Amazon. I can't do the kindle thing...I need a book in my hands. So I try to purchase them second hand, whenever possible. Plus, a lot of books these days (at least the ones I've been reading on the environment and vegan whatnots) are printed on recycled paper.
It is also very important that we read up on these things. Don't you want a better planet for your grandchildren? And I'm sure God isn't happy with they way we've destroyed his/her blessed creation.

So please remember when you are at the store to consider what you are buying. You are casting a vote. Sure, you are probably going to spend a little more, but you will have a clear conscience, and your mother (earth) will thank you.

Now get outside and enjoy the day!

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