Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter at the Cole House

I love Easter! As in, the whole celebration of Spring and such. There is something about bunnies and hunting for eggs that makes me happy! But I also like to take time to focus on the importance of Spring, and it's arrival. Renewal, rebirth, nature. It's all so magical!

We held our first annual Easter party on Saturday and had such a great time. Friends came over and we grilled and had our own version of an Easter egg hunt.

See for yourself...

 Watching futbol
 Grilling out.  Matt is quite the grill master!
 Getting ready for the hunt...
 The spoils!  We decided to try a more adult version of the Easter egg hunt.  It was a hit.
And of course Patton was begging everyone to play futbol with him.  What a cutie.

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