Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring's first BBQ!

Matt came home on Friday for the weekend (SQUEEL!!!) and we had friends over that evening for a BBQ. It was vegan, with the exception of brats that folks brought over for themselves.

Brett even made homemade black bean burgers and they were phenomenal! I better get that recipe...

Some of our friends that came over are the Byrd family, who just had a baby, Jack, in December. Patton has never seen such a small human, and we were interested to see how they would interact.

Jack is just the cutest, happiest baby of life, and I love to hold/play with him! I always mess with Matt because I've never seen him hold a baby, but he swore to me he could do it. And he showed me Friday night that he is daddy material! One day (you can breathe now, Matt).

Patton just wanted to lick the heck out of Jack, which is what I expected. He was so intrigued by a little baby, and even tried to take one of Jack's toys, ha!

We spent Saturday hanging out around the house.  We watched "The Switch" with Jennifer Anniston and Jason Bateman, which was hilarious!  Later we took Patton on a walk and saw that so many flowers had started to bloom.  It was 74 degrees and absolutely beautiful.  When we made it back home, I saw that our little garden had started to welcome Spring. YAY!

I hope you all had a spectacular weekend as well!


Bakersg said...

I'ma need the black bean burger recipe, when you get it!!

Das Coles said...

done! or even better, i can make them for you when you and jd visit us :)

sarah said...

I love cookouts!!!!!