Thursday, April 14, 2011

What Germans Think of Americans

I was at Real today (German big box mart) in hopes of finding curry and other Thai/Indian cooking essentials. I found the international section, which is fabulous and mammoth in comparison to wimpy international cuisine sections found at your typical American grocer.

And yes, I found an American section. Behold.

So if you were skeptical about Americans' food choices being subpar, well, just take a looksy. It seems that American cuisine consists of cheese wiz, marshmallows, mayonnaise, chocolate syrup, pop tarts, crisco, and other highly processed/downright loser foods.

I laughed to myself, and then grew somber. The Mexican section had various peppers and salsas, Asian had rices and sauces, Middle Eastern had olives, hummus and cous cous (as well as my drool), and this is all the US of A has to show for in a German supermarket. Sigh.

In other fun news, Matt and I went to pick ip mail the other day and found this at the counter:

Yes, that's a rock on a box. It seems the Army is really cutting corners these days.

Have a spectacular poptartless day :)

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