Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Coles' first skiing venture

Today we went skiing at Axamer Lizum, just outside of Innsbruck. Because we had never skied before, we took lessons while our friends TJ, Emily, Tom, and Rhonda hit the slopes. It was well worth it!

Emily kept me company on the bunny hill today, while Matt and the others did an intermediate run. That's right, his first day skiing (in the Alps of all places), my husband was taking care of business. Is there anything he's not good at?!?

My favorite part of the day (besides making it down the bunny hill without wiping out) was lunch at the top of the mountain. They were partying hard up there! There was a band, tons of food, and an unhealthy amount of alcohol. Folks were taking shots and drinking ginormous beers. Fantastic!

I was not doing so hot so I refrained from adult beverages and enjoyed a nice refreshing mineral water, my new favorite drink.

Then after a successful last run down the hill, Emily and I celebrated with a heisse shockolade mit amaretto (hot chocolate with amaretto). Ummmmm!

The view from our hotel room

Another view

All day I kept looking for the Governator, though I know he is in California. Our ski instructor said "Supa!" just as he would, and it was hysterical.

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Sarah said...

is there a blog post with images of Matt rolling down a mountain?