Thursday, January 6, 2011

Healthy Chili Cheese Fries

Say it ain't so. This is one of my most beloved dishes that I have missed since becoming a vegetarian. And this discovery all happened by chance, as Matt and I were preparing our favorite meal, veggie sloppy joes with sweet potato fries.

For our sloppy joes we sauté half an onion in a pan and then add meatless veggie crumble (we use Morningstar because that's what they carry at the commissary, but there are better ones out there). Once it starts to brown, add a can of Rotel and then organic tomato paste (salt free if that's an option). Let it simmer until it achieves the consistency to your liking, and you have sloppy joes!

This is where we could add it to whole wheat bread with a couple of slices of tomato, but you would simply top your sweet potato fries with it. How do you make these fries, one might ask? Simple.

Peel half a sweet potato per person and cut them into then fry strips. Toss in olive oil and Mrs. Dash, then place them in a 300 degree oven until soft. They rarely get crispy this way, but I refuse to fry them.

This is where Matt got innovative. He added cheese to his fries. Then I thought, heck, that would be delightful with sloppy joe on top. Eureka!

For vegan chili fries, simply omit the cheese :)


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