Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our Puppin Puffin

If you haven't met our pup, Patton, shame on you! He is the most glorious bum sniffer in all of the land.

Patton is a Boxer, and he thinks he's a human. He often greets us with a hug, whines when he doesn't have a bed to lay on, and could eat bananas and sweet potatoes all day if we'd let him.

This little baby was born in Alex City, Alabama, and we picked him out when he was just 3 weeks old. Since then he's called Auburn, Alabama, Richmond, Virginia, and Sembach, Germany home!

Patton is the most fun loving puppin I know. He loves to play, snuggle, and eat fruits and veggies. We no longer give him squash - that just exacerbates the flatulence :(

When I'm not calling him by his given name, Patton Jefferson Cole, I call him "Sugar Booger", "Sweet Pea", "My most precious Puppin", "Pupster", and occasionally "Boo Bear". Or whatever comes to mind at that moment.

Now I wanna give him a smooch!

When he can't find his bed, he cries

This is how he's allowed to sit on the couch, in daddy's lap!

Whenever I sweep or mop, Pup gets out of the way by hanging out in his crate. And looking at me like I'm a moron.

This is how he sits. He does this in the car, which cars driving by find hilarious.

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Bakersg said...

what a big sweetie!! I know you have so much fun with him!