Saturday, January 29, 2011


Yesterday Matt and I cooked a delicious pasta meal! We used the pasta that Sarah sent:

Then I sautéed asparagus and broccoli, a tossed it with the cooked pasta. And, of course, added delicious marinara.

I feel like a we make is pasta. Oh well, it's terrific!

Then Sam called and told us he was on the way down from Bremerhaven, so I concocted some cupcakes. I saw how to make cupcakes vegan with half the calories on The View. Just take one box of mix and add 12oz of diet soda. Please don't tell Dot Dot that I used a box of cake mix!

Patton watching and wanting me to drop some

Trying the cupcakes. They were delicious!!!! So fluffy!

Then, we ended the night with a French Bordeaux, courtesy of Tressa ;)

What a delightful evening!

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Sarah said...

Diet Coke cupcakes?? I need more information. Would diet Sprite work??

Love the pasta combination, one of my faves. I also like to saute zucchini and/or squash with the pasta. double YUMS.

Have fun at the futbol match!

Das Coles said...

i think sprite will work. that's actually what i should have tried instead. i want to try yellow cake with cherries, chocolate chips and code red. basically, cherry garcia cake!! asdflkajsd;flkajsdf!!!