Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cherry Garcia Cupcakes

So this may sound extremely lame, but every once and a while I wake up in the middle of the night with a great idea for a recipe. This idea happened a while ago, but I'm just now acting on it. Excuse the boxed cake mix again. I use it as a base experiment, and then transform it into a homemade delight :)

So one of my favorite foods in the world is chocolate covered cherries. And Cherry Garcia ice cream by Ben and Jerry's. I took the following ingredients and combined them:

To look like this:

I haven't decided how to ice them yet. I'm thinking ganache.

Then we made okra and tomato stew for dinner. It is unbelievably filling!

We've been having trouble with our phone, so we got a new one. Matt has been cursing it for the last ten minutes because, god forbid, the instructions aren't in English. Well DUH! Last time I checked we are in a foreign country. I have a greater appreciation for people living in countries not knowing the native language.

I simply suggested that Matt plug the cords into the wall, and would you believe, it works just like the standard American phone?!? Here is Matt testing, and proving, my hypothesis:

Our awesome graffiti table is the makeshift phone prop for now. But Buddha told me today that the rings are messing with his chi. Funny, same thing happens with me. We should remedy that.

And of course, I must share this perfect photo of Sir Sugar Puff.

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Sarah said...

So how did the cupcakes taste? Good?

Sarah said...

and I'm digging the signature. Did you use the Blog Guidebook tutorial?

Das Coles said...

1) yes they are delightful! just like cherry garcia!
2) yes yes yes!!! you are my hero for introducing me to that.