Friday, February 4, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things

So you know how Oprah always does a list of her favorite things? Well, I figured I'd do the same, especially since my friends Sarah and Kelsey have been blogging about their favorite things :)

1) Kitchenaid Mixer

Ummmmm, where do I start? This thing is glorious. Oh the baked goods we've concocted together, the whole wheat pizza dough. I'm so glad she's finally back in my life after a long boat ride from Virginia!

2) Fresh Ground Pepper and Sea Salt:

I absolutely refuse to use anything else! If it isn't ground in my mills, I won't use it. The flavor is 100 times better, and sea salt is so much healthier! Maybe I'm a snob, but iodized salt is not allowed in my house.

3) Fresh Veggies, specifically avocados and sweet potatoes:

I love these things! We go through at least two avocados and three sweet potatoes at our house every week. I could eat avocados like an apples! They are so buttery and rich. And sweet potatoes are one of the top super foods! We make sweet potato fries at least once a week, and I eat one potato for a quick and easy dinner. So filling and very nutritious!

4) Honey! Or as we say in Germany, Honig:

I simply could not live without it. And to think, I used to put sugar in my tea?!?! Honey has medicinal qualities, but I like it because it's just downright delightful! And never skimp on honey, especially if you suffer from allergies. Buying local honey helps out the farmers in your area, and eases your sniffles because you're ingesting small amounts of the pollen, ragweed, etc around you!

5) Buddha:

Regardless of your religious background, pick up a book on Buddha. Reading about this very mortal man and his trials while seeking spiritual peace is such an inspiration. I feel everyone can relate to Buddha, and his peaceful teachings. We have our foyer (aka Zen Central) decked out with Buddha and inspirational art. Which leads to my next favorite thing...

6) Feng Shui:

Now I'm not one of those who believes that by putting a purple candle in the room closest to the sunset will bear you a son, or any shiza like that. But I do believe that the different things you have in your home, and where you place them, has a profound effect on your every day life. That's why we have pictures of family and friends through out our home, as well as many candles and inspirational art. This cultivates positive energy, and helps us live our best life!

7) Sir Pookie Bookie, aka Patton:

This little fellar is everything to me! He offers unconditional love and affection and helps Matt and I to stay playful. Patton has also been a huge inspiration in becoming a vegan. After looking into the eyes of animals, all I see is Patton. And it makes me want to create the best world and environment for him to be a part of. Gersh, I love him!

8) Intuition Razors:

Wanna shave your legs in half the time with half the green? Get an intuition razor. Enough said.

9) Morrocan Oil:

I have the most unruly hair on the planet. I've been using ethnic hair care products for years, since a girlfriend did my hair in middle school. It seemed that was the only thing that worked. But now I've found Morrocan Oil, and it tames my mane. Love it!

10) Neutrogena Hand Cream:

My hands have gone into 90 year old woman mode since we've moved. I asked my dad to send Corn Huskers lotion, but he said they've stopped making it, and sent this instead. It is phenomenal! Everyone should have this in their purse for the winter.

Well, I hope you all have a Fantastic Friday!


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