Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pino's and Houdini!

All week Emily has been raving about she and TJ's favorite restaurant in Hirschau, Pino's. It's Italian and simply fabulous. Matt and Emily both ordered pizza (which I tasted - amazing!), while I feasted on a salad and tomato soup. Yum!

With dinner, Matt enjoyed a Keller:

Emily and I preferred Barbera:

And as is Walton tradition, we finished off with some scrumptious amaretto shots:

Yay for shiny foreheads!

But this party started back at the house, before dinner. Emily received a Houdini, which every wino must have. Sarah gave me mine, and I was just following the tradition:

I think she likes it ;)

In other news, my husband dresses like a freakshow:

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