Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The hills are alive, with the sound of my yardsaling down the mountain...or something like that

We spent last weekend in Feichten, Austria, and had a spectacular time! Skiing was done at Kaunertal, which is basically a snow covered glacier.

This was my second time skiing, and I wasn't exactly thrilled. However, our friends Emily and TJ and his parents, Ronda and Tom, told me last month that the first time I'd be discouraged, but the second or third time I'd love it.

They were so right! Though I, as Matt likes to call it, "yardsaled" down the mountain a few times, I had a blast. And at least I tried, right? My favorite part is going lightening fast (and not crashing). Matt was so patient with me, as I broke down in full on tears during one spill and he coached me down the run.

Here are some pictures :)

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