Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thank you Emily!

This past week I have tacked on a couple of obsessions to my growing list, thanks to Emily Walton.

First is Peppermint Tea:

I'm a tea freak, so I don't know why I has never tried it! But it's my new favorite tea, and is especially divine when mixed with...


A Walton staple.

And get ready for this...

They are insanely addictive!! We first had Stacy's pita chips in PCB with Sarah and Daron. I loved them then, but Matt prefers warm wheat pita.

These are perfect for when I have a sweet tooth. They aren't too bad for ya, and a lot better than alternative desserts.

And look at these boogies:

And shout out to Daron Flory. We were playing wii the other night and found an iceskating game. Naturally, we thought of you, sir.

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