Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I love to READ!

I have been reading since I was a little one, and my love for learning and books has defined who I am as a woman.

My favorite books as a kid were "Wait Till Helen Comes", "Little Women", the "Boxcar Children", the American Girl series, and anything by Dr. Seuss.

As a teen I got pretty heavy into Ray Bradbury, classics, and Shakespeare. In high school, I would skip lunch and head to the library. There I would indulge in a true feast of knowledge! That, and for a while I was the new kid, so books were my best friends.

In the library I read four books that changed my entire outlook on life - "Fahrenheit 451", "1984", "Animal Farm", and "The Giver".

Suffice it to say I loved (love!) Science Fiction, which may have led me to two of my favorite television series, "Star Trek" and "Battlestar Galactica". Oh geeze, I just let the nerd out of the bag...

In college my obsession continued. I started reading books on Islam and the Middle East, as well as other political tomes.

My favorites were "Bono: The Autobiography", "Natural Capitalism", "White Privilege", and "Full Frontal Feminism".

As you can see, books define me. For every time in my life where I grew, I can name a book and/or song. That's just the way it is. Some people have calendars, some people have pictures, I prefer books.

So it was a little disappointing when Matt and I would talk about different issues, and I'd quote a lesson from, say, "Animal Farm", and he'd have no idea what I was talking about. This guy, who can recite lines from almost any movie produced after 1990, looks at me like I'm a moron when I recite from popular tomes.

Sad face.

Recently he has picked up an interest in reading (or as I call it, mind jogging), and I couldn't be happier! We started our first book, "Are you there, vodka? It's me Chelsea" last night.

It is hilarious! We started reading it out loud, per suggestion of Emily, and it is so much fun!

But Matt requested that I find him a book on his true love, space. So I asked around and the general consensus was this little beauty:

It looks spectacular, and I can't wait for him to start and finish, so I can read it!

But alas, there are more books that I crave to dive in to, but they are a shipment away.

1) The Veganist, Kathy Freeston

I saw Kathy on "Oprah" and fell in love! Since that show, I have entered her contest to win a free copy of the book, so I must wait a little while longer to see if I'm the winner (cross fingers!).

2) Decoded, Jay-Z

I like Jay-Z, though I'm typically not a rap lover. I heard him talking about his new book, and it's gotten rave reviews. Matt seems to have an interest in it as well, so maybe we can read it together!

3) The Diary of a Young Girl, Anne Frank

Sarah and I want to re-read this before we visit her home in Amsterdam this summer. My memories of this book are so vivid. I recall reading it in the fifth grade and bawling through chapters. As a child, reading the diary of a girl your age going through such turmoil makes you appreciative of what you have, yet aware of the world's evil.

4) Night, Elie Wiesel

I'm incredibly embarrassed to say that I've never read this book. I don't know how I got through school without reading it. But I certainly look forward to getting into it soon.

5) Decision Points, George W. Bush

Regardless of your politics, I feel it is important to read presidential memoires. Quite a few friends of mine are in the middle of it and say it's pretty good, so I'm pretty excited to finally get it.

6) The Count of Monte Cristo, Alexandre Dumas

I. LOVE. This. Book.  I read it in high school and couldn't stop turning the page!  It's at the top of my classics' list, and I strive to read at least five in the next year.

Well, that's about it for now.

Happy Reading!

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